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Here’s my personal experience about Google’s Adsense. If you are a blogger and looking for a solution online on how to increase your Google Adsense and you don’t have any idea or you have searched online but what you read is almost the same.

This article is really different as it comes from my personal experience and I really want to share this with everyone, in fact, I have already taught my friends on how I did it you can check my article about making $20 or more a day in Google Adsense.

How is this different from my earlier post? Well, this article is great for bloggers who already has a following and their websites/blogs already having traffic but their earning is still low comparing to others with the same traffic.

I have done many tests and I’ve also joined Google Adsense group in Google Plus and from there I met a lot of Google Adsense masters and they taught me what to do and that’s what I want to share with you guys. If you are interested in making money online through blogging then this is the right article for you.

Steps of what I did to turn my Google Adsense earnings from $10 a month into $5 a day?

Step 1: First, you might want to check what keywords your blog/website ranks on the web through KeywordSpy.com or any website that checks the valuable keyword of your website/blog.

Solution: I have around 100+ articles with 700 to 1000 words on each article and there’s a lot of keywords that have ranked on the web. I listed all the keywords that have ranked from my blog and focused on writing within that selected keywords. My organic traffic gained a hike but my Google Adsense earnings only gained a few increase and honestly, that’s not what I am aiming for, I want an increase of earnings from $10 a month to $5 a day.

Step 2: One of the Google Adsense Master I have talked to the Google Plus group said that traffic definitely affects the income of your Google Adsense. This means that Asian traffic is much lower than the Europe or the USA traffic and thus, you might want to attract USA or Europe Traffic than in any most of the Asian Traffic.

Solution: If you haven’t connected your Blog through Google search console, you might want to do that now. You can set your targetted traffic to your blog through the search console. You can change the targetted traffic by going to the search console and clicking your website, then go to Search Traffic Drop Down tab and choose International Targeting then choose either USA or United Kingdom.

Step 3: Doing the steps above did increase my Adsense income but it is not stable, there are days that I am getting $8 and sometimes below $5. I asked some of the Adsense masters on the google plus group and they pointed out my mistake. In order for you to reach a stable income, the Click Through rating for the CPC should be 3% to 4%.

Solution: I used ad units that are noticeable. I did a few experimentation and the following ad units worked for me so well as at the moment I am earning $5 to $10 a day consistently. 

- Responsive Ad Unit in the Header Section (Image Ads Only)
- 300x250 Ad Unit (Aligned Left) on the content
- Responsive Ad Unit after the content (Image/Text Ads)

These three ad units and the proper placement did make a big difference. I removed my ad units on the Sidebar because in the mobile/responsive view, this will go further down and the CTR of the ads is so low.

Will this work on my blog/website?

If you are wondering if this steps will increase your Adsense income, well I did test this on a few blogs that my friends own, and yes it did boost their income, the income may vary depending on your niche and keywords, but if you are doing it right with a great content and a competitive keyword you’ll be earning more than $5 to $10 a day. 

3 super easy way to sell product or services without even trying

On this article, I will be teaching you one of my kept secrets as an affiliate marketer. It is how I can successfully sell a product without even trying to sell it. In fact, top affiliate marketers are doing this too, and it is one of their best practices.

Most of the new affiliate marketers who are just starting are in their hype mode thinking that it is easy to sell a product, but after a few days or weeks, they’ll realize the harsh truth that it is really hard to sell a product especially if their blog or website doesn’t have a huge traffic to begin with.

Well, there are ways that you can sell a product even if you are just a new affiliate marketer and doesn’t even have a huge traffic on your blog and website and I will show you exactly how. These are strategies that I have created over the past years and have tried it on my new blogs, even if it doesn’t have a huge traffic, I am constantly getting sales without even trying to do so.

Ways to sell a product without even trying to sell it

Before you start it is a rule of thumb to know more about the product you are going to sell to your audience/visitors. It is much better that you have extensive knowledge about the product so I really do advise you to do a research before promoting the product as an affiliate marketer it is also your task to answer your audience/visitor’s questions.

Post Recommendation and honesty

In my opinion, this is one of the best ways to promote a product without actually selling it to your audience. Most affiliate marketers aren’t aware of the pitfall on doing cold/hard selling to visitors or audience.

Do it naturally and post a recommendation on why your visitor should try the product and be honest, let them know that you’ll be earning a commission if the visitor bought the product or the service and don’t forget to thank them. Just like what Pat Flynn did on his blog.

By doing so, he's generating around $40,000 to $75,000 alone. I tried his way on my websites and it works so well like a magic. The key here is to tell the truth and let the visitors know that by choosing the products/service you are recommending, will save them a lot of time and money.

Post Review + Social Media

how to sell product or services in Facebook
This strategy is a real game changer if you have a new blog or website that doesn’t have a huge traffic, this strategy will help you up by using social media efficiently. In my experience, Facebook is the most suitable for this strategy although Twitter also does produce results but compared to Facebook it has a big difference.

Create a review post for the product or service you are offering, make sure that it is a high-quality article containing 700 or more words (much better if you can create at 1k or more words). Once you publish your content go to Facebook and join active groups that are relevant to your product or service that you are promoting.

Blend in and ask a few question then, you might want to post and ask them what they think about the product or service and post the link to your article in the group and wait. It always worked for me. Just make sure to blend well with the facebook groups that you have joined to increase the chance of you producing a sale through it.

Email Marketing + Instagram

how to sell product or service via email marketing and instagram
It’s a powerful strategy if you know how to utilize email marketing and Instagram together. I’ve come across with some affiliate marketers who’s currently doing this and have tried it and I was really surprised that It produce results in a matter of days when I tried it.

If you don’t know how to do this, well, don’t fret as I’ll be discussing this in my next article about affiliate marketing. I’ll be discussing this strategy thoroughly and will teach this to you guys. But for the basic you’ll need an email marketingcampaign and an Instagram account.

Well, that’s all about it. Selling a product that you don’t have any knowledge is like you’re jumping on a pitfall. I really do hope that these strategies can help you if you have any suggestions please do let me know in the comment section below.

On this article, I’ll be teaching you how I write a cover letter with a 90% acceptance rate for a freelancing project I am bidding. Cover letters are very important as it provides an insight of how skilled you are and how you understand the project that the client had posted, cover letters are also a way on how you can impress your potential client. As they say, the first impression never last.

Tips on creating your killer cover letter for your potential client

  • The first thing you should do is to list your strengths and weaknesses, create at least top 5 strengths and top 5 weaknesses. Once you finished writing your top 5 or more strengths, rate them 1 to 5 (one should be the highest, and five should be the lowest).
  • Read the project description thoroughly and point out your interests for this project. Make sure to list at least 3 of your interest on why did you bid for that project, if in case there’s not enough info on the project description, you can base your top 3 interest on the project’s title instead.
  • Begin your cover letter providing your interest to help the client on what he/she needs and let them know your skillset (list your strengths) that could help them on this project. That’s what they're looking for, a professional that can help them on what they need to make this project a success.
  • Let your potential client know why should they hire you than another freelancer. Be confident and you might want to list why your potential client is a winner for choosing you such as your strengths and understanding on the project and how you can achieve the goal.
  • Upon finishing your cover letter make sure that you have provided all information for the project and ask your potential client if you can discuss the project further and invite him to contact you for further classification if they need to.

Killer Cover Letter Sample

freelancer cover letter tutorial

Just like in the image above, they provide a description of what they need (mostly their freelancer requirement). If you can see, they haven’t talked about the project so this would be the best example of what we need for this tutorial.

freelancer cover letter tutorial

Image above is very important, make sure that what you bid is around the client’s budget. If you bid higher than the budget they have most likely they’ll ignore your bid. Don’t forget to input your availability in my case I am free 8 hours a day so I have stated that I am available for 40hours per week and that would be 5 days per week to work on their project.

On this example, I began my cover letter regarding the project to let them know that I am very interested in what they have posted and stated my credentials. I’ve also written 2 of my strengths which are Wordpress Development and PHP Development, to further convince the potential client I’ve also shared the years of experience I’ve been working on my strengths which are 8 years and, of course, I told them that I wouldn’t be bidding if I am not confident that I can deliver what they need.

freelancer cover letter tutorial

Confident is one of the keys to making a killer cover letter but don’t over do it. Be sure to place yourself in a client’s perspective, as you know it could be a false promise. So to further convince them to let them know that they can contact you for further clarification regarding your credentials. If you haven’t got a credential, just let them know that you are just starting your career as a freelancer and let them know that if they’d give you a chance to work for them you’ll never waste that chance since it’s your career that would be in vain in the future.

You can download the cover letter i made by clicking the button below, feel free to change it to suit your needs.

Tips for new freelancer

As much as possible, build your career in a proportion manner, even if you are a Sr. Level and still new at freelancing it might be better to provide your service at a lower price to get a few projects and once you have enough experience as a freelancer that’s the time you can raise your fee.

Bid on the hourly project than a fixed priced project. As most potential client always check freelancer that has worked for an hourly project than a fixed priced project. Recommendations or ratings from an hourly project are more valuable than a fixed priced project.

Want to be a freelancer? Sign up on Freelancer.com thousands of projects are waiting for you!
how to make $20 a day in google adsense
On this article, I’ll be teaching you how you can earn or make $20 or more income per day on website advertisement in Google Adsense. It might look so hard to do but in fact, it isn’t, and I’ll be laying the procedures here in this article.

It took me six months to a year to properly create a strategy to boost Google Adsense Income. In fact, I taught this to my friends and helped them on their Google Adsense earnings boost up from $1 a day to $15 a day in just a week when they implemented my strategies.

Things you should know before you apply my strategy

  • My strategy has a higher percentage on self-hosted blogs and self-hosted website it is because advertisers pay more to a root-level domain than a subdomain. Secondly, most of the high paying advertisement will show on a root-level domain or top-level domain than a subdomain. If you still haven’t got a self-hosted blog/website, I do recommend checking iPage.
  • You may need to invest time or create a working hours/planner to execute the strategies as timing is everything. It won’t work on just a simple layout process.
  • You may need to understand how Google Analytics work to maximize the efficiency of my strategies If you don’t know how Google Analytics work you might want to check this great article about Google Analytics by clicking here.
  • You also need keyword tools to maximize my strategies on boosting up your Google Adsense income. I use KeywordSpy™ to find the best keyword to use and to know how much I will earn or make per click each time a visitor click an advertisement on my page.
  • It may take a week or a month before you can see results, again this is not an overnight process, so be patient and follow the program if you want to make $20 a day or more in Google Adsense.

A clear strategy to make $20 a day in Google Adsense: 6 Days program

For you to earn $20 a day or more in Google Adsense, there are things you should consider such as does the content of your blog is worthwhile reading? Do you think your visitor will spend more than a minute on your blog when they open your page? Do you think the content is worth sharing? Can you offer other interesting articles once they finish what they are reading first hand?

Those questions are the keys for your blog or web page to earn $20 or more in Google Adsense. I created a strategy that will tackle everything and will surely boost your Google Adsense income within just a week or month.

Step 1: First Day

Create one high-quality article that is currently trending. For you to search for a trending topic that can still fall on your niche, you might want to use Redditlist and check the growth (24 Hours) section and check the most significant topic on your niche.

High-quality article means it should contain at least 700 or more words that will tackle everything about the topic you chose. If you don’t know how to create a high-quality article, you might want to read this post from Buzz Feed’s How to go Viral.

That post will teach you the core of how to go viral. It helps you build up traffic from social media. What will be your advantage to that? It will also help you build natural links to your blog from different websites and blogs and thus will help you rank and build organic traffic along the way. The more traffic you’ll get the higher the chance to boost your Google Adsense income to $20 or more in a day.

Step 2: Second Day

Create a supporting article that is 500 or more words and also relevant to your main topic (your main niche). Now use KeywordSpy to look for the best high paying keyword that is relevant to your high-quality article that you had created on your first day when you started this program.

Once you find the best suitable keyword, you might want to link that keyword to the viral post before you publish your content. It will increase the chance that all of the advertisement from your Google Adsense from the viral post will have the high CPC (cost per click) ads because of the keyword linked to that post.

Step 3: Third Day

Create another support article that is 500 or more words again, but this time it is relevant on the viral post. Use KeywordSpy to look for another best high paying keyword that is relevant to your high quality article that you have created on your first day. Make sure to choose a diferent keyword but still relevant.

Again, link that keyword to your viral post before you publish your content. But this time instead of the keyword itself make sure to create a clickable text link containing the keyword.

Step 4: Fourth Day

Take a look at your Google Analytics and view the reports on the day that you have posted your high quality article up to the current date. Check the landing pages and look up for your supporting articles for the viral post via search, check the data about the bounce rate if your current bounce rate is high ranging from 80% and up then you need to optimize your article.

Step 5: Fifth Day

Create another supporting article that’s 350 or more word. Make sure that this is also relevant on your viral post. Use KeywordSpy to look for  another best high paying keyword that is relevant to your article.

Link that keyword to your viral post, and make sure to optimize this article for search engine. This again can bring a lot of traffic to your post wether it is a social media traffic or organic traffic.

Step 6: Final Day

Optimize everything, re-share the viral post on social media, and as well as your supporting articles on your facebook page and groups. Make sure to check the most efficient time to share posts with the best time interval in order to maximize your social media traffic.

If you are in a community group in facebook page, make sure to ask for their help and let them share it on their walls or pages.

Now that the 6 Day program for increasing your Google Adsense income to $20 a day or more is complete, you’ll see that your Google Adsense income will increase. Do this 6 Day program every week and by the end of your first month doing this strategy, you’ll be making $20 or more a day in Google Adsense.

Additional info to make $20 per day or more in Google Adsense

Just make sure you should maximize the efficiency of your google adsense blocks. Putting the ads on the right place can also increase your income in Google Adsense. I’ll be discussing that on my next article about Blogging.

If you have questions feel free to ask them on the comments section below, I’ll be glad to help you up. If you have a great idea and want to share please do let the others know through the comments section.

On this article, I will be teaching you about how you can make money online through affiliate marketing. I’ve been doing affiliate marketing for the past three years. I could say this is my biggest income generator since 2013.

I started affiliate marketing after a client hired me in freelancer.com to build him a website for the sole purpose of affiliate marketing. He taught me how affiliate marketing worked and taught me basics on it for me to understand how his website will generate income.

Since then I am doing affiliate marketing, I developed myself four websites and blogs and for the past three years I’m earning around $2,500 USD per month just by doing so, and the good thing about affiliate marketing is it may become a residual income when your website or blog gets established.


How does affiliate marketing work in the Philippines?

Before we go any further, I want you to understand how affiliate marketing works and what is affiliate marketing? “Affiliate marketing is a performance-based marketing which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each customer brought by the affiliate’s marketing effort.”– Wikipedia.org  

Like what have my client had taught me, affiliate marketing is just simply like internet marketing, you’ll market other companies products and services, and if a customer bought a products or services through your website, you'd earn a commission.

There are a lot of companies that offers an affiliate program to name a one would be Lazada. On which I just started promoting a couple of weeks ago. There are various ways that you can promote their products such as websites, blogs, email, and social media advertisement. I’m going to teach every each of them on this series of affiliate marketing tutorial but, for now, let’s focus on this article’s topic first.

Affiliate marketing is easy, but it’s not for everyone as you need a lot of time and patience before you can see results. It’s not an overnight venture or a get rich quick system. You need to invest a little money and just like any other businesses you need to make it grow. The more you focus on it, the more it will grow and as well as your income.


List of some successful affiliate marketer

You might still be wondering, can you make money just by affiliate marketing? The answer is yes and here are some of the successful affiliate marketer that is currently earning five to six figures a month by doing affiliate marketing.


Pat Flynn

successful affiliate marketer pat flynn
He is currently earning $40,000 to $75,000 USD a month through affiliate marketing. He is the owner of smartpassiveincome.com a blog that provides tips to those who also want to earn a passive income. 80% of his income came from affiliate marketing, and 20% are from his e-books and podcast and also from advertising.


John Chow

sucessful affiliate marketer john chow
He is an author of Make Money Online: Road Map of Dot Com Mogul, which rocketed #1 on Amazon.com John Chow is also the 2012 Affiliate Marketing Awards winner for Best Marketing Affiliate Blog. His blog JohnChow.com is the most visited blog when it comes to affiliate marketing guide with over 200k visitors per day. He is earning around $30,000 to $100,000 USD per month.

Pat Flynn and John Chow are my inspirations, imagine earning $30,000 to $100,000 a month, how great can that be? Are you ready to be like them? Do you want to earn $30,000 to $100,000 a month just by doing affiliate marketing? Then read on as it’s the right time to introduce you to affiliate marketing.


What do you need to start affiliate marketing in the Philippines?

Just like in any other business, you need to invest a little if you are really serious about affiliate marketing. Below are the lists you need to have for you to start affiliate marketing.


1. Web Hosting for Affiliate Marketing

You need a web hosting for your website or blog, you can use a free blog platform, but I couldn’t recommend that much as when your website or blog began to grow you’ll experience downfalls just like what I did. I am only using a free blog platform for my personal point of view and not for business although sometimes I use the free blog platform to generate traffic and point it on my affiliate marketing websites.

web hosting for affiliate marketing
If you are interested in a reliable web hosting service, I could recommend iPage as it is cheap and does offer a lot for a few bucks it only cost $23 (PHP 1,080) per year or $1.99 (PHP 93) per month. You’ll get a free domain and advertising credits from Google and Bing that can help you expedite the growth of your blog or website.


2. Blog or Website for Affiliate Marketing

web template for affiliate marketing
As I have said above you can use a free blog platform, but I really can’t recommend it. It’s much better to use a self-hosted WordPress as it is very versatile and can tailor to your needs. You might want to check Themeforest there are thousands of WordPress template that is ready for use and some of them cost only $3 (PHP 140).


3. Email Marketing Campaign for Affiliate Marketing

mail chimp email newsletter for affiliate marketing
There are premiums or paid email newsletter platform but If you are looking for free, you might want to check MailChimp, I am still using to build my email list. It is free, but it does have premium services if you feel that you need them. It is optional if you want to upgrade to premium but in my experience; you only need the free one as MailChimp offers free 2k subscribers on your account and you can send up to 200k email within a month for free. In my list, I only got around 900 subscribers, but it does already earning me around $2,500 USD to $3,500 a month what if you can maximize your list into 2k?

Well there you go, here’s a great introduction regarding affiliate marketing in the Philippines, You need a little of investment and vast of time to focus on affiliate marketing for you to see results. On my next article about affiliate marketing in the Philippines, I’ll be teaching you guys the core concept of my experience about email list building, social media advertising and marketing, web and blog concept so be sure to subscribe and come back.

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