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How to write a killer cover letter for a freelancing project

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On this article, I’ll be teaching you how I write a cover letter with a 90% acceptance rate for a freelancing project I am bidding. Cover letters are very important as it provides an insight of how skilled you are and how you understand the project that the client had posted, cover letters are also a way on how you can impress your potential client. As they say, the first impression never last.

Tips on creating your killer cover letter for your potential client

  • The first thing you should do is to list your strengths and weaknesses, create at least top 5 strengths and top 5 weaknesses. Once you finished writing your top 5 or more strengths, rate them 1 to 5 (one should be the highest, and five should be the lowest).
  • Read the project description thoroughly and point out your interests for this project. Make sure to list at least 3 of your interest on why did you bid for that project, if in case there’s not enough info on the project description, you can base your top 3 interest on the project’s title instead.
  • Begin your cover letter providing your interest to help the client on what he/she needs and let them know your skillset (list your strengths) that could help them on this project. That’s what they're looking for, a professional that can help them on what they need to make this project a success.
  • Let your potential client know why should they hire you than another freelancer. Be confident and you might want to list why your potential client is a winner for choosing you such as your strengths and understanding on the project and how you can achieve the goal.
  • Upon finishing your cover letter make sure that you have provided all information for the project and ask your potential client if you can discuss the project further and invite him to contact you for further classification if they need to.

Killer Cover Letter Sample

freelancer cover letter tutorial

Just like in the image above, they provide a description of what they need (mostly their freelancer requirement). If you can see, they haven’t talked about the project so this would be the best example of what we need for this tutorial.

freelancer cover letter tutorial

Image above is very important, make sure that what you bid is around the client’s budget. If you bid higher than the budget they have most likely they’ll ignore your bid. Don’t forget to input your availability in my case I am free 8 hours a day so I have stated that I am available for 40hours per week and that would be 5 days per week to work on their project.

On this example, I began my cover letter regarding the project to let them know that I am very interested in what they have posted and stated my credentials. I’ve also written 2 of my strengths which are Wordpress Development and PHP Development, to further convince the potential client I’ve also shared the years of experience I’ve been working on my strengths which are 8 years and, of course, I told them that I wouldn’t be bidding if I am not confident that I can deliver what they need.

freelancer cover letter tutorial

Confident is one of the keys to making a killer cover letter but don’t over do it. Be sure to place yourself in a client’s perspective, as you know it could be a false promise. So to further convince them to let them know that they can contact you for further clarification regarding your credentials. If you haven’t got a credential, just let them know that you are just starting your career as a freelancer and let them know that if they’d give you a chance to work for them you’ll never waste that chance since it’s your career that would be in vain in the future.

You can download the cover letter i made by clicking the button below, feel free to change it to suit your needs.

Tips for new freelancer

As much as possible, build your career in a proportion manner, even if you are a Sr. Level and still new at freelancing it might be better to provide your service at a lower price to get a few projects and once you have enough experience as a freelancer that’s the time you can raise your fee.

Bid on the hourly project than a fixed priced project. As most potential client always check freelancer that has worked for an hourly project than a fixed priced project. Recommendations or ratings from an hourly project are more valuable than a fixed priced project.

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