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How to make $20 or more a day on web site advertisement in Google Adsense

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how to make $20 a day in google adsense
On this article, I’ll be teaching you how you can earn or make $20 or more income per day on website advertisement in Google Adsense. It might look so hard to do but in fact, it isn’t, and I’ll be laying the procedures here in this article.

It took me six months to a year to properly create a strategy to boost Google Adsense Income. In fact, I taught this to my friends and helped them on their Google Adsense earnings boost up from $1 a day to $15 a day in just a week when they implemented my strategies.

Things you should know before you apply my strategy

  • My strategy has a higher percentage on self-hosted blogs and self-hosted website it is because advertisers pay more to a root-level domain than a subdomain. Secondly, most of the high paying advertisement will show on a root-level domain or top-level domain than a subdomain. If you still haven’t got a self-hosted blog/website, I do recommend checking iPage.
  • You may need to invest time or create a working hours/planner to execute the strategies as timing is everything. It won’t work on just a simple layout process.
  • You may need to understand how Google Analytics work to maximize the efficiency of my strategies If you don’t know how Google Analytics work you might want to check this great article about Google Analytics by clicking here.
  • You also need keyword tools to maximize my strategies on boosting up your Google Adsense income. I use KeywordSpy™ to find the best keyword to use and to know how much I will earn or make per click each time a visitor click an advertisement on my page.
  • It may take a week or a month before you can see results, again this is not an overnight process, so be patient and follow the program if you want to make $20 a day or more in Google Adsense.

A clear strategy to make $20 a day in Google Adsense: 6 Days program

For you to earn $20 a day or more in Google Adsense, there are things you should consider such as does the content of your blog is worthwhile reading? Do you think your visitor will spend more than a minute on your blog when they open your page? Do you think the content is worth sharing? Can you offer other interesting articles once they finish what they are reading first hand?

Those questions are the keys for your blog or web page to earn $20 or more in Google Adsense. I created a strategy that will tackle everything and will surely boost your Google Adsense income within just a week or month.

Step 1: First Day

Create one high-quality article that is currently trending. For you to search for a trending topic that can still fall on your niche, you might want to use Redditlist and check the growth (24 Hours) section and check the most significant topic on your niche.

High-quality article means it should contain at least 700 or more words that will tackle everything about the topic you chose. If you don’t know how to create a high-quality article, you might want to read this post from Buzz Feed’s How to go Viral.

That post will teach you the core of how to go viral. It helps you build up traffic from social media. What will be your advantage to that? It will also help you build natural links to your blog from different websites and blogs and thus will help you rank and build organic traffic along the way. The more traffic you’ll get the higher the chance to boost your Google Adsense income to $20 or more in a day.

Step 2: Second Day

Create a supporting article that is 500 or more words and also relevant to your main topic (your main niche). Now use KeywordSpy to look for the best high paying keyword that is relevant to your high-quality article that you had created on your first day when you started this program.

Once you find the best suitable keyword, you might want to link that keyword to the viral post before you publish your content. It will increase the chance that all of the advertisement from your Google Adsense from the viral post will have the high CPC (cost per click) ads because of the keyword linked to that post.

Step 3: Third Day

Create another support article that is 500 or more words again, but this time it is relevant on the viral post. Use KeywordSpy to look for another best high paying keyword that is relevant to your high quality article that you have created on your first day. Make sure to choose a diferent keyword but still relevant.

Again, link that keyword to your viral post before you publish your content. But this time instead of the keyword itself make sure to create a clickable text link containing the keyword.

Step 4: Fourth Day

Take a look at your Google Analytics and view the reports on the day that you have posted your high quality article up to the current date. Check the landing pages and look up for your supporting articles for the viral post via search, check the data about the bounce rate if your current bounce rate is high ranging from 80% and up then you need to optimize your article.

Step 5: Fifth Day

Create another supporting article that’s 350 or more word. Make sure that this is also relevant on your viral post. Use KeywordSpy to look for  another best high paying keyword that is relevant to your article.

Link that keyword to your viral post, and make sure to optimize this article for search engine. This again can bring a lot of traffic to your post wether it is a social media traffic or organic traffic.

Step 6: Final Day

Optimize everything, re-share the viral post on social media, and as well as your supporting articles on your facebook page and groups. Make sure to check the most efficient time to share posts with the best time interval in order to maximize your social media traffic.

If you are in a community group in facebook page, make sure to ask for their help and let them share it on their walls or pages.

Now that the 6 Day program for increasing your Google Adsense income to $20 a day or more is complete, you’ll see that your Google Adsense income will increase. Do this 6 Day program every week and by the end of your first month doing this strategy, you’ll be making $20 or more a day in Google Adsense.

Additional info to make $20 per day or more in Google Adsense

Just make sure you should maximize the efficiency of your google adsense blocks. Putting the ads on the right place can also increase your income in Google Adsense. I’ll be discussing that on my next article about Blogging.

If you have questions feel free to ask them on the comments section below, I’ll be glad to help you up. If you have a great idea and want to share please do let the others know through the comments section.

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