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How I turned My Google Adsense earnings from $10 a month to a $5 a day

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Here’s my personal experience about Google’s Adsense. If you are a blogger and looking for a solution online on how to increase your Google Adsense and you don’t have any idea or you have searched online but what you read is almost the same.

This article is really different as it comes from my personal experience and I really want to share this with everyone, in fact, I have already taught my friends on how I did it you can check my article about making $20 or more a day in Google Adsense.

How is this different from my earlier post? Well, this article is great for bloggers who already has a following and their websites/blogs already having traffic but their earning is still low comparing to others with the same traffic.

I have done many tests and I’ve also joined Google Adsense group in Google Plus and from there I met a lot of Google Adsense masters and they taught me what to do and that’s what I want to share with you guys. If you are interested in making money online through blogging then this is the right article for you.

Steps of what I did to turn my Google Adsense earnings from $10 a month into $5 a day?

Step 1: First, you might want to check what keywords your blog/website ranks on the web through KeywordSpy.com or any website that checks the valuable keyword of your website/blog.

Solution: I have around 100+ articles with 700 to 1000 words on each article and there’s a lot of keywords that have ranked on the web. I listed all the keywords that have ranked from my blog and focused on writing within that selected keywords. My organic traffic gained a hike but my Google Adsense earnings only gained a few increase and honestly, that’s not what I am aiming for, I want an increase of earnings from $10 a month to $5 a day.

Step 2: One of the Google Adsense Master I have talked to the Google Plus group said that traffic definitely affects the income of your Google Adsense. This means that Asian traffic is much lower than the Europe or the USA traffic and thus, you might want to attract USA or Europe Traffic than in any most of the Asian Traffic.

Solution: If you haven’t connected your Blog through Google search console, you might want to do that now. You can set your targetted traffic to your blog through the search console. You can change the targetted traffic by going to the search console and clicking your website, then go to Search Traffic Drop Down tab and choose International Targeting then choose either USA or United Kingdom.

Step 3: Doing the steps above did increase my Adsense income but it is not stable, there are days that I am getting $8 and sometimes below $5. I asked some of the Adsense masters on the google plus group and they pointed out my mistake. In order for you to reach a stable income, the Click Through rating for the CPC should be 3% to 4%.

Solution: I used ad units that are noticeable. I did a few experimentation and the following ad units worked for me so well as at the moment I am earning $5 to $10 a day consistently. 

- Responsive Ad Unit in the Header Section (Image Ads Only)
- 300x250 Ad Unit (Aligned Left) on the content
- Responsive Ad Unit after the content (Image/Text Ads)

These three ad units and the proper placement did make a big difference. I removed my ad units on the Sidebar because in the mobile/responsive view, this will go further down and the CTR of the ads is so low.

Will this work on my blog/website?

If you are wondering if this steps will increase your Adsense income, well I did test this on a few blogs that my friends own, and yes it did boost their income, the income may vary depending on your niche and keywords, but if you are doing it right with a great content and a competitive keyword you’ll be earning more than $5 to $10 a day. 

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