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Is it possible to make money online in the Philippines?

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make money online in the philippines

We are already in the technology age even though the internet has been here for more than two decades, in the Philippines, it is not yet fully developed. We are pretty far behind compared to Western countries.

To simply say it, Yes, you can make money online here in the Philippines. In our current state, we are somewhat a decade late, so what have worked in some countries might also work for us and to name a few are selling online (e-commerce) and freelancing.

As I have said, our internet capabilities are not yet fully developed, our internet speed compared to other countries still lacks reliability, we even pay higher than some countries with high-speed internets. Most of Filipinos only know how to browse the internet and use social media like Facebook but there is more to the internet than to socialize and that is by making money online.

How can you make money online here in the Philippines?

There are many ways you can make money online here in the Philippines and that’s what this blog is all about. I’ll be sharing my eight years of experience on how I make money online even if I’m just at home.

Make money online by Freelancing

I started making money online back in 2007; I started as a freelance web designer. Since I’m an undergraduate, no companies are willing to hire me. I researched some companies who are willing to hire a student, and I found Freelancer.com this opened a new opportunity for me.

I went on and up to now I am still working for some clients around the world. I am currently earning $8 USD per hour when working as a freelance web designer. I’ll discuss a thorough explanation about freelancing and how you can succeed on it on my next article.

Make money online by internet marketing or affiliate marketing

Here’s another way to make money online. Affiliate marketing is simply just like a traditional door to door sales agent. You will be offering a product to customers/visitors online via email or a website. You will earn a commission if you successfully sell a product using an affiliate link (a link that will redirect a visitor/client to the product page).

I believe that this is the easiest thing to do if you want to make money online, you only need a website and drive traffic to it, on some cases, you can also use social media to sell products. I’ll be teaching you how I make money online using affiliate/internet marketing some other time, so be sure to come back and subscribe to my email newsletter.

Make money online by leveraging the Internet and Multi-Level Marketing (MLM)

make money online through Multi Level Marketing

MLM is almost like an affiliate marketing but instead of a product, you are selling a company to your audience/visitors. I earn a decent amount of income doing this. I joined one MLM company way back 2013 and earned a fortune way back then, but I lost interest on it because I focused on a new venture.

I recently got back from it, and since I have a lot of free time, I am re-building my group again. I can teach you how I make money from the Internet together with an MLM Company. If you are interested, maybe I can invite you to join my team and together we can build a new group together.

Make money online by blogging and Google Adsense

make money online adsense
Here’s another way to make money online. You can also make money online through blogging all you need to do is to setup a blog and apply for a Google Adsense account. Just like what I am doing, if you notice you’ll see different advertisements on this blog? That’s a Google Adsense; you can make money online whenever there’s a visitor who clicks on the advertisement on your web page.

Usually, it costs $0.7 to $1.2 USD per clicks on the advertisement; I’ll be discussing this in the future. But for now, you can check this article on how you can make $100 a day by blogging. I guarantee you that it’ll be a good read.

My opinion on this make money online list

The first on my list would be affiliate marketing. I earn a passive income through that. You can easily get your visitor’s attention by writing an article or by creating an email subscription. You can even do it even if you are just at home or traveling.

The second would be MLM or Multi Level Marketing. It’s a good option if you are interested in online business, it could provide a massive wealth if done right. You will also have a time freedom in doing so.

Always create a backup plan, and one of my backup plans are by blogging and freelancing. If there’s a downtime on affiliate marketing and Multi Level Marketing I  always do freelancing jobs, it pays well, but the only problem is I’m being time constricted when doing so since it’s a project based.

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